Ameyo Delhi, India Saas
Indiqus Delhi, India IAAS
Karma Circles Delhi, India Mobile Application
Wedel Kolkata, India Mobile Application
My Cloud Hospitality Delhi, India Saas
Alumni App Chandigarh, India Mobile Application
Bricwal Chandigarh, India Web Portal
Gama Vame Jaipur, India Mobile Application
Health Bank Chandigarh, India Mobile Application
Synchronized Delhi, India Saas
Make My Trip Gurgaon, India User Experience Design
Safe Express New Delhi, India Website Design
Value Research New Delhi, India User Experience Consulting
AY Digital Bangalore, Gurgaon, India Prototyping and User Interface Design
Paul Drish Chandigarh, India E-Commerce Website Design
Fashion and You Gurgaon, India User Experience(UI) , HTML 5 CSS 3
Oomph Gloucestershire, United Kingdom User Experience Design
Eaciit Singapore Website and User Interface (UI) Design
SetuServ Chicago, USA Website Design and Infographics
Handygo Technologies New Delhi, India User Experience , HTML 5 CSS 3
Bhane New Delhi, India UX Ecommerce Portal & Responsive Design
Q -it Chicago, USA Startup, User Experience for web, mobile application and iPad application
EmpXtrack Inc Chicago USA, New Delhi India. User Experience for Human Resource Management Product, Software as a Service (Saas)
DigiGrapes Technologies Noida, Delhi. Design Consultancy for various UX projects
Adeptia Inc. Noida, Delhi Icon Design for their various products
Nucleus Microsystems Delhi India User Experience, GUI , HTML 5 CSS 3, Jquery
Dainik Bhaskar Delhi India User Experience, GUI design, HTML 5 CSS 3, Jquery
Navatar Group Noida, Delhi HTML 5 CSS 3 Jquery
Panarc Consulting Group Gurgaon, Delhi Turnkey project Website Design and Development
UOC Barcelona Spain iPhone Application Development
Home Connections London, UK Design and Usability Consulting for various projects.
Hughes Systique Washington, USA. Front end Design and development for Facebook App
DSNL Chennai,India UX for the Tele confrencing portal
G-Cube Noida, Delhi UX design for the collaboration tool
Nivio London, UK UX for their Startup, OS design for notebooks.
SMX Gurgaon, India Design Consulting for various projects
ESS Pvt. Ltd. Noida, India UX Design of Saas based ERP
JCBL Delhi, India Turnkey solutions, website development
Laboni Netherlands, Europe Turnkey solutions, website development
Design For Use Austin, USA Design consulting for various projects.
Employ Wise Gurgaon, India UX Design for their Saas based HR Product
Game Planx Washington DC, USA Turnkey Solutions, Social Network Development.
Kathana New Delhi, India UX HTML 5 CSS 3 Jquery
MMI New Delhi, India UX Design for the education portal.
Carlson Gurgaon, Delhi UX for the rewards platform
SGA Technologies Gurgaon, India UX UI , HTML CSS, Saas based product
OM Tourism New Delhi, India Turnkey solutions, website development, content management system
Outbound Marketing New Delhi, India Turnkey solutions, website development, content management system
NDPL Delhi, India Training video, 3D animation
Mobikwik New Delhi, India Startup, Co Founder, UX design
Perfect Relations New Delhi, India Public Relations Portal UX Design
Dynamik Los Angeles, USA UX for various projects
Srijan Technologies New Delhi, India Design consulting
Gallery Art & Design New Delhi, India Turnkey Solutions, Gallery Portal Development
Think Design New Delhi, India UX Consulting for various projects
Pure Play Media New Delhi, India Startup, UX UI HTML CSS Jquery
Get Alive Gurgaon, India Turnkey Solution, Social Network Development
Artizen Chandigarh, India UX Design for Online Gallery

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