Floating Toolbar: With the help of floating toolbar it will be easier to copy and paste content from the web pages or document files. Direct Share feature will let you share images or links with your most frequently shared contacts or apps, using a single click.

Android Pay: Unlike Apple Pay Google will launch Android Pay that can help you directly pay for the Apps and other Service on Google via Android Pay. It is a updated version of Google Gingerbread a mobile payment service which was launched in 2010. Android Pay will let you walk into stores and tap on NFC terminal to pay for products.

Fingerprint Scanner: Touch ID has given the users to secure the iPhone unlock system. Now Android Users will experience this with the launch of Android Marshmallow.While some Android phone makers like Motorola and Samsung have incorporated fingerprint sensors in some of their devices, the feature has never been centralized around a standard API until now.

Voice Search from Lock Screen: This search will help you search through voice when your phone is on Lock Mode. This feature will recognizes your voice and searches on the command you prompted via voice.

Release Date: The Google Developers blog post didn’t mention any specifics for the Android 6.0 release, so details are still relatively sparse. But we are expecting it to be released in coming Autumn.

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