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This is my 2nd post on LinkedIn and I am again, excited to talk about my experience at TiECON. This is the first time that Chandigarh-Chapter organized TiECON Chanidgarh. It was held at The Lalit which is located in Chandigarh IT Park on 19th February 2016. The main purpose of TiECCON Chandigarh was to ignite, inspire and highlight opportunities, disruption and innovation in entrepreneurship.

We (Beon Systems) were at TiECONChandigarh, and we were one of the Exhibitors.

In this post I will share what Mahesh Murthy (He is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Investor and Speaker – and among the most-tracked Indian businesspeople, with a following of over 400,000 across various social platforms. His fearless and often iconoclastic opinions are frequently quoted in business press, and he has hosted Indian versions of The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den & Shark Tank on TV.) had to say about Marketing and how Building a right product is a Key to Success?

Fireside chat with Mahesh Murthy

If you ask successful people about their mentors, you will learn that many of them had relationships with several people throughout their career who provided them with wisdom, advice, and inspiration. They may not have called these people their mentors, but that was their informal role.

In an informal mentoring relationship, ideas and knowledge are freely given and received. Each person brings a valuable point of view, perhaps a fresh way of looking at things, or an experienced perspective.

Biggest Challenge in the Market today:

To market something new is the BIGGEST CHALLENGE.

New Sectors have come up and so has the competition in each of these. There was an era when you remember around 7 brands for every business category. But now every category has its own set of brands, for e.g Search Engines, there is Google and Yahoo, Email, we have Gmail and Ymail, Chat, we have WhatsApp and WeChat.

There is no room for new brand. Users are habituated to the old traditions. Unless you bring a new and unique category to the market, no one shall remember you or your Brand. The big brands never advertise. Why, because they have built their products RIGHT. They never had to hence. We learnt about these brands not through ads but through WORD OF MOUTH. A friend or an expert recommends these services.

Build something that can be RECOMMENDED. Delight your customer with your product and if its not right, keep improving till you get your customer’s NOD. Give them a GOOD reason to shift to adopt your product or service. And once they do, they will recommend. A recommendation is always better than a great ad.
GET YOUR PRODUCT RIGHT. It should solve the problem in the most elegant manner. Use digital marketing and interesting digital campaigns to get the word out.

“Word of Mouth” is the best way to advertise according to Mahesh Murthy, Co-Founder, Seedfund & Founder, Pinstorm

In a Nutshell: TiECON Chandigarh was an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to network, get mentored, compete for angel funding, talk one-to-one with venture capitalists and make meaningful connections with clients, mentors and investors.

tiecon chandigarh

I ENJOYED being there , can’t wait for the next one.