TV Mohan Das PaiAt TiECON Chandigarh TV Mohan Das Pai was the Keynote Speaker. TV Mohan Das Pai is the Chairman of Manipal Global Education. He used to be a Member of the board of directors of Infosys, and Head-Administration, Education and Research, Financial, Human Resources, and Infosys Leadership Institute.

In this post I will try to sum up some of the important and insightful ideas that he discussed which will change our perspective of how we perceive this world.

The whole speech was centered around The Rise of Internet.

Today there are 7 billion people living in this world and around 2 billion people are connected via Internet. In coming ten years this number is going to increase from 2 billion to 5 billion and people are connecting with Internet building one Single Market. They are actually breaking the artificial boundaries. This platform is getting richer and richer as more and more people are putting information, business on the Internet. Time was when manufacturing was based on the model of Henry Ford (Assembly Line Manufacturing). Today websites like Alibaba, IndiaMart are giving new models of manufacturing to the traditional setups.

3D Printing giving a new scale to the market. Now before product is launched you can build a 3D model of the product using 3D printers and make required modifications. Doctors can build an artificial knee, arm or any damaged part of the body and get it fitted into the patient.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is giving new dimensions to the medical industry. Now Doctors sitting in US can person heart surgery of a patient who needs urgent attention and located in some remote part of Africa. Thanks to the Internet and Robotics, that made the medical facilities easily accessible. In other sense it is actually IT professional that are doing operations rather than Doctors.

Nowdays you can buy a Mango or any other fruit throughout the year. Regardless of season or weather, Scientists have made it possible by growing genetically modified seeds. Conducting experiments on nanoscale scientist have make it possible to combine healthy DNAs and make a baby that will live for 100’s of year. In future those babies will be know as Designer Babies.

Google’s Self Driven Cars are will be launched soon on the road where there will be no accidents, no traffic problem, no car break down, the dream is becoming a reality.

Soon there shall be a day when all the information and data will be stored in one chip and you would be able to fit that chip into your brain. There will be no need to go to any university or college, just store the required data on the Chip. You could be the next Albert Einstein.(Jokes Apart)

To conclude the session Mr. Pai said that “Brightest Mind of North India should come to Chandigarh. There should be an EcoSystem for investors and Incubators in every Indian University.”

There are less number of Venture Capitalists here in Chandigarh and it is very difficult to get an idea funded when you are situated in some less popular city. There must be an ecosystem for the investors so that they can evaluate and fund your ideas with more confidence.

My Take on the session, “If we can see the future, We can build the future.”