Sunali Aggarwal, UX Lead, spoke at the World Usability Day, Gurgaon, organised by Make My
Her Presentation emphasised on the importance of Smarter systems. Designers need to think and design smarter systems which save costs for both a user and a business. These systems need to bring about a change in user’s lifestyle and should also be able to make the industry think of more innovative services and business models.

What do we mean by a System?
We all exist or are a part of a system. A small change in the basic element of a larger system forces the entire system to react or change as the situation may be. This has been seen over a period of time and throughout the history of product design and innovation. An activist can influence a group and a group can influence a change in the country’s perception.
Similarly, design brings about a change in its own way. It simplifies lifestyle, reduces hassel and tries to make products more experimental and convenient. A simple online bill payment for electricity makes life easier for people, they can avoid wasting time standing in long queues, also avoid rude or uncalled for interaction with our public sector employees, etc. etc.
A small system such as this makes us (user/consumers) demands more online systems where they could do similar stuff.
But building such services is not enough. Service owners have started thinking about the users more than they used to. They extend services or lets say concern before and after a user/consumer’s buy’s something on their portal. A simple example would be portals like Make My Trip, where extensive product information helps user to transact. But before a user can buy or book, they can also in a way plan their entire trip, which in turn makes it easier for them book tickets, accordingly.
After the transaction, their information is stored automatically and they can retrieve this anytime they want to. Similarly, things like cancellation etc. is also very easy or hassle free.
What does this say about change in service models?
Unless, businesses show more sensitivity towards users they will not be able to retain them. There is enough competition out there. But users will buy from sites which make them feel comfortable. Such services also need to make users feel important to the businesses, irrespective of how much the spend.
A smarter product or service should resolve user’s need or should have a purpose. It should be extremely usable so that its easily adaptable by user, with minimum change how they perform a task in the physical world. At the same time, it should be easier than it is for a user in the real world. A product or service can be termed smarter when it engages the user, lie nintendo-uil or an i-phone. Last but not the least, innovation in the service models is very important.