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Experiences Create Differentiation – Being different

We are a customer experience transformationfirm that masters the art of simplified customer interaction across all assisted and unassisted channels. Our systematic Experience-Based Differentiation approach helps in interacting…


UX and Business Model

User Experience is not one element, but the result of various components working together. It can only be measured by the satisfaction a user gets out of interacting…


Systemic Design Process – Beginnings and Continuations

Digital Marketing

User Experience Design Process for Product Development Webinar: User Experience Design Process for Product Development from techgig on Vimeo. Online Products where eventually the user interacts with a set of screens to use the…


Synergising – Business Requirement & User Perception


EVI’s User Experience Research Process

Our preferred methodology for conducting user experience research.


Graphic Design is not UX Design

Recent few queries sort of inspired me to clarify this…. changing the look and feel will not change the User Experience. User Experience is not just one thing,…


Thats me in the corner

Thats me in the Spot..light

HT Chandigarh

TiE Golf Tournament

Sunali won the 2nd Tie Golf Tournament @ Chandigarh.

Planning for Web based Startups

A typical mistake that I have seen a lot of startups make is, “start development” first without a cohesive “Blueprint”. A “Blueprint” for a web bases service should…

SMS Recharge!!!

SMS Recharge by Mobikwik