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Case study of Q-it

Case study of Q-it from Beon Systems

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5 Reasons why BPG will Replace JPEG

A new player has emerged in the image compression scenario by the name of BPG that means Better Portable Graphics. This image format is based on a singular…

startup problems solutions

11 solutions to your Startup Problems

11 solutions to your Startup Problems from Beon Systems

UX design for startups

UI UX Talk at Prometheus

Prometheus an incubator based out of Chandigarh, organised Startup Pirates.


How does UX design work?

We believe greater work comes from understanding how your users feel and behave, and most importantly what makes them tick.When getting started on a new User Interface, we make it a point to tackle complex user interaction through Interactive Design, highlight each product’s brand and unique personality through Visual Design and creating a blueprint of design through Information Architecture.


Experiences Create Differentiation – Being different

We are a customer experience transformationfirm that masters the art of simplified customer interaction across all assisted and unassisted channels. Our systematic Experience-Based Differentiation approach helps in interacting…

Easy Demos

Demo Creator provides an easy way to create demos for your software or anything where you need to capture the activity on the screen. The best part is…