My recent experience with teaching has been an eye opener. I didn’t know that I knew a few things about design. Its also helping me figure out how to improve the things the way we currently do them. I am revisiting the whole design process. I also realised that if the process is correct the output would automatically shape up and will be closer to the objective.

The course is an introduction to interaction Design. Students are in their 5th Semester. I realised that most of us are capable but we are not given enough exposure to understand our capabilities. I am not sure how the education system would like to address this problem. Logic is not something you need to acquire any right or score in an entrance exam. It should be encouraged and embedded into our system from the very beginning. I don’t think that mathematics will solve this problem but more and more techniques to work on a child’s observation skills could help. If we can inherit a lot of subtle traits from our parents that too subconciously, with more practice and efforts we will be able to adopt logic and common sense (Which is uncommon) from our schools and teachers. This has been our problem (not sure whether cultural or moral) but we think to question is to insult or distrust, but I guess unless you question, your concern will not be visible to anyone and problem would go unnoticed. So as designers I think the first lesson I gave to my students was to OBSERVE and QUESTION.