UX design for startups

UX Design for Startups

Prometheus an incubator based out of Chandigarh, organised Startup Pirates. Startup Pirates is a one-week acceleration program for entrepreneurs in the making. Through a combination of training, mentoring and idea development, they help participants structure and develop their ideas. In the end, they give them the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors and successful business leaders.

I was invited to talk about UX for startups. I often start talking about UX and somehow find myself in the middle of a discussion about marketing and business model. I was fortunate to be talking a great set of individuals who could understand a lot of UX concepts that we discussed.

From product design to marketing we talked a bit about everything. Its exciting to share an experience with someone. Even better when this experience can help someone reform or correct their idea or approach.

We talked about how to prioritise User’s task and design the workflow accordingly. The lecture also transformed into a workshop. We talked about how workflows accommodate various use cases and the role of UI in each use case. The purpose of this small workshop was also to sensitise them about how much knowledge a user must have to take the right decision based on the information and UI given at any point.

In the last leg of the talk, I reviewed a few ideas with the startups and identified gaps in the business models, opportunities, and possible next steps.

I think we need more such incubators in our city to help students, thinkers and startups build quality products. I together with Beon Systems would always be available to mentor and support such programs. We at Beon Systems wish Prometheus great success.

Sunali Aggarwal
CEO Beon Systems