Turning your ideas into a Reality is our Mission We adopt a tried & tested, unique User Experience Design process to convert your startup into a productive venture.
Startup UX Design

UX Design for Startups

Turning your ideas into a Reality is our Mission. Beon Systems understands how startups are built & run. At every phase you have to balance exclusivity and finances. We understand the risks involved & are also prepared to work as hard as you do for your startup.
We help you build your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in a time frame set by you.
We also understand, time is extremely critical for a startup, as you do not want to miss out the market opportunities that exist now.
As the name suggests a startup is a business which has just been born into the world of commerce, industry & trading or information technology. We at Beon Systems provide the nurturing support, development & finally fully functional commissioning of such startup companies. We adopt a tried & tested, unique User Experience Design process to convert your startup into a productive venture. We research & analyze your customers’ user behavior & come up with absolute solutions that create business miracles. Our professional design team comes up with brilliant & aesthetically pleasing creations for your startup. We pride ourselves on our timely delivery systems. It is our job at Beon Systems to give a practical framework to your startup dream. It is our mission to provide your project sustainable development.
It is our determination to lead you to success.
AGILE is not just a methodology but our attitude. Our agile ux design process has helped many companies launch their startups faster and also cut down development time by over 30%. We help with the following:-
  • Innovate on your existing idea and come up with a useful feature set.
  • Decide the right MVP model for your startup.
  • Design the blueprint of your idea, down to the “n”th detail. This detailing helps development teams to plan their product strategy more efficiently.
  • Design UI such that it includes all the possible scenarios.
  • Deliver a functional Prototype which speeds up the development process.
The idea is to build a product which strikes a good balance in features and development time. Delayed development might end up in loss of opportunity, which can be avoided by better planning and experience.
Startups Wireframe

Some of our Work

Beon Systems has incredibly talented Usability Experts. Their mantra of “Less is More” helped guide us and enabled us to focus on cleanly providing the 10 most important features rather than forcing users to navigate through 100 they might never use. Outlining user experience casts a wide net across many disciplines (design, programming, market research & human behavior) and their experience and team encompasses them all. They are invaluable to have as a partner when your requirements are evolving and fluid. They are also great listeners who know how to facilitate constructive design discussions. It was a great pleasure to work with them.
Lotika Pai
CEO, Q-it Videos